Pro Deal Orage

Pro Deal FAQ

Where can I use the Pro Deal discount?

The pro deal discount is only available online at

How do I get the discount?

First, shop the products you want on When you're at the "Checkout" page, enter the code found on the top right of your card into the "Discount code" box.

What discount does the Pro Deal card give?

The Pro Deal Promo code offers 50% off the full retail price. One item that cost 100$ will now cost 50$

My Pro Deal Card isn't working

There are a few reasons why your Pro Deal card could not be working.

  • The Pro Deal only works on regular priced items (items that are not on sale). If all the items in your cart are on sale, you will not receive an additional discount
  • Your Pro Deal number has already been used. Cards can only be used once
  • You have more than 6 items in your cart. Discount only applies to six items.

If your card or number isn't working and the above list does not apply, please contact us at