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How to dress with layers


When you are getting ready for a day on the hill, the layering system is the best option to stay warm, dry and comfortable. This system consists of three elements: the base layer, the intermediate layer and the outer layer. Read below to learn how to dress with layers.

The base layer

This layer is directly in contact with skin and wicks moisture from your body to keep you dry. It has to be well adjusted in order to be functional. The base layer may be composed of natural materials such as merino wool, or synthetic materials suck as lycra or polyester. At Orage, our base layers are made of 100% polyester, which is hydrophobic and great for moisture removal and heat retention. We also use body-maping technology, which identifies different areas of the body and allow us to adjust the thickness of the garment at strategic locations.

Base Layer

The intermediate layer

The second layer acts as principal insulation. It also transfers the moisture away to keep you dry. The down jackets are a good option and retain heat very well. Synthetic lining is equally effective and is easy to maintain. In our latest collection, Orage is using the Primaloft technology, a microfiber that stores body heat. Some layering pieces, like the Hybrid for Men and the Marlene for Women are using this high performance synthetic insulation. These very light and flexible jackets can easily be slipped into a backpack and allow you to adjust your layers depending on the temperature.


The outer layer

This layer protects you from the elements suck as water, snow and wind. You can opt for an insulated jacket or a shell, depending on the temperature and the intensity of the activity you are doing. The Orage jackets feature some design elements that bring extra protection, such as taped seams, ventilation hatches or a snow skirt. The comfort and freedom of movement are very important when choosing your outer layer.


Check the temperature before going out

Finally, before you get ready to go, it is important to know about conditions. You can then adjust the quantity and type of layers depending on temperature and the intensity of your activity.

Have fun !

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