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We caught up with Brooke Potter at SIA to learn a little more about this girl who likes to spend her days after the storm in the streets instead of on the slopes.

Orage: Hey Brooke, thanks for taking the time to sit down and have coffee with us. First off, how old are you?

Brooke: I’m 20 years old.

Orage: And where are you from?

Brooke: I’m from Maryland.

Orage: But not living there currently, right?

Brooke: Nope, I live in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Orage: How do you spend your time in Breck?

Brooke: I’m a ski coach at Copper Mountain and I work at the Slope Style ski shop in the village.

Orage: How long have you been in Breck?

Brooke: I’ve been living here for 4 years with my roommate.


Rainbow Slide with brooke potter

“I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”


Orage: What’s your favourite food?

Brooke: Ummm, that’s a tough one. I really just love everything Italian.

Orage: Can we narrow it down? Pizza or spaghetti?

Brooke: Both.

Orage: You’re the girl who gets the pizzaghetti?

Brooke: [Laughs] Yes! I would absolutely get the pizzaghetti.

Brooke Potter Orage

Orage: Have you read the Harry Potter series?

Brooke: No. I know. How wrong is this?

Orage: I think it’s wrong. You’re really missing out on this generation’s best saga.

Brooke: Well I’ve watched most of the movies, I think.

Orage: [Frowning]. You should really read the books. You won’t be the same Potter afterwards. Moving on, what would you like to do later apart from skiing?

Brooke: I would like to be able to work in the ski industry. I am currently at school but I decided to take a little break and get some skiing done. I’ve been studying sustainability.

Orage: I’ve met some many people in the last few days that have been or are studying sustainbility. Is this something that’s prevalent around Denver?

Brooke: Oh yeah, the University here has an awesome sustainability program.

Orage: What is the last book you read?

Brooke: Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

Orage: What album are you listening to right now?

Brooke: Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon.

Orage: Coffee or tea?

Brooke: Coffee!


Brooke Potter orage sue jacket

A hint for the boys out there : a good coffee and some italian food just might be the key to Brooke’s heart.


Orage: What other activities do you like to do?

Brooke: Oh man, I do a lot of mountain biking during summer months.

Orage: How many days do you ski per year?

Brooke: Around 150, including summer skiing at Woodward.

Orage: That’s so rad. You probably ski in a year more the average people ski in a decade. Thanks for your time Brooke. Where can people learn more about you?

Brooke: Check out my video Ultraviolence and you can follow me on Instagram at @brooke_potter.

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