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Katie Hitchcock is an all mountain and backcountry skier. She’s a passionate outdoorsy little women and her loves goes beyond skiing. In recent times, she’s also become the new intern for our friends over at Alpine Initiatives. We were lucky enough to sit down for coffee while at SIA and just catch up.

Orage: Katie, where are you from?

Katie: Originally I’m from Steamboat, Colorado but I currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Orage: You (somewhat) recently joined the team over at Alpine Initiatives. How did that happen?

Katie: Well, I originally saw the logo in the movie All.I.Can. by Sherpas Cinema. I became obsessed with the logo and had to find out more. I eventually discovered AI and learned they where also from Steamboat so I hit them up!

The AI logo is just an all around awesome logo and it somehow grabs a lot of people’s attention. I regularly get asked about it whenever it’s visible.

Orage: The AI logo is a work of art. What exactly does an intern do at AI?


Katie: [Laughs] Everything an intern needs to do! I’ll spend some time sending out thank you notes. I’ll write blog post and I’ll participate in organizing fundraisers.

Orage: You’re recently graduated from University of Colorado in Boulder. What were you studying in school?

Katie: Italian, business and environmental studies.

Orage: I’ve met so many people from Colorado in the last few days that are taking environmental studies! That’s pretty cool.

Katie: Yeah! Boulder has a pretty recognized program for that.

Orage: How are you occupying your time now that school is over?

Katie: Skiing! I’m currently an Alta ski instructor. I’m also participating in some Freeride World Qualifier events. This is my first winter free of school so I’ve been working, skiing and traveling as much as I can with an awesome crew of friends! 

"I've been dubbed the scorpion queen for this Backflip. Tips dug in hard but at least I went further than everybody else!" - Katie

“I’ve been dubbed the scorpion queen for this backflip. Tips dug in hard but at least I went further than everybody else!”
– Katie

Orage: What’s your favorite type of food?

Katie: Waffles. I love waffles. They’re surprisingly versatile.

Orage: ??

Katie: Yeah! You can eat them with so many types of food.

[Editor’s note, turns out they are versatile]

Orage: What gear are you riding this winter?

Katie: The Orage Deal Jacket, the Orage Marlène and the Orage Clara Shell Pant. I’m riding on a pair of Rossignol S7s and protecting my head with a Giro Helmet.


Orage: What are you hobbies outside of skiing?

Katie: A ton. There’s so much to do in Utah. Rock climbing, mountain biking, fly fishing and playing bass.

Orage: What inspired you to start playing bass?

Katie: My dad always played guitar and in middle school I saw this girl absolutely shredding a base and I though it was so awesome. I had to learn.

Orage: What does a bassist listen to?

Katie: Hmmm. I like blues a lot. If I had to name bands that I’ve been listening to recently I would say Xavier Rudd, Box Tops, Talking Heads and Jimmy Buffet.

Orage: What’s the last book you read?

Katie: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Orage: Anything else we should know about you?

Katie: I love hats. Especially weird funky ones!

You can follow Katie on Instagram @katiedhitchcock

Katie wears:

  • The Orage Deal Jacket –> Can and US
  • The Orage Marlène –> Can and US
  • The Orage Clara Shell Pant –> Can and US

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