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No matter where you are, there’s an opportunity to explore.

We met Adventure Rig partnering up for the online review of a few Orage products. As we exchanged e-mails, we realized the the people and concept behind Adventurerig were way too awesome and we decided that we had to learn more. We thought it would be nice if we shared our findings with you guys, so here you go :)

Orage: Who are you and what are your backgrounds?

Adventurerig: We’re just two normal people who have a strong love of the outdoors and a fascination with travel. I (Tyson) grew up in an unconventional but enthusiastic outdoor industry in the Midwest, working in gear shops, climbing gyms, and joining cycling clubs that would cruise country back roads. Cally was lucky enough to grow up in the Rocky Mountains and her love of being outside was branded into her mind at a young age.

With her educational background in Communication, Cally is the brains behind the words and graphics of our website, My educational background is in Flight Technology and it’s because of my flying career and the business we run in the summer that we are able to take the winters off and travel and ski. Every May, we move out to Minnesota for the summer where we work non-stop in agriculture. I’m Aerial Applicator and Cally runs the ground operations. We then spend our off-season based in Colorado and traveling.


Orage: What are your main outdoor hobbies?

Tyson: There is so much we love to do outside, but unfortunately we only have about 6 months of the year to squeeze in all of our activities. We do a lot of summer hobbies in the spring and fall months including dirt biking, dual sport motorcycling, hiking, climbing, and mountain biking. Our favorite thing to do before moving out to Minnesota is to take a long trip out to the desert of Utah near Moab. It’s a refreshing and fun thing to do before our work grind begins!

In the winter, skiing definitely consumes our minds and time! When we’re not skiing the best powder we can find in the state, we are enjoying the terrain parks at Copper Mountain and Winter Park. If we’re not at a resort enjoying the pow, we’re typically somewhere in the backcountry.

Orage: Do you guys live in an RV all year round?

Tyson: Up until this year, we lived in the rig year round. In November, we finally decided that we needed a base camp so we bought a house with a nice two car garage (for our toys of course) in Colorado. We use to live out of our 41ft toy hauler and two enclosed storage trailers. The most frustrating thing about living out of trailers like we were doing is that we had no idea where anything was! If we wanted to go for a mountain bike ride in the middle of winter, we spent an entire morning digging out the bikes and our gear. While life in a camper is simple, spontaneous, and fun, there are definitely downfalls to any lifestyle.

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Waist deep

Orage: What pushed you guys to start Adventure Rig?

Tyson: We thought there would be some people out there that would be interested in following our unconventional lifestyle and we wanted to be able to be approachable for people to get informed about products we use both for our outdoor hobbies and RVing. Along with wanting to be approachable about gear and Rv’ing, our hopes were to inspire people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. It doesn’t have to be in the most extreme form, even simple explorations can change someone’s mindset.

Orage: Let’s talk about the rig. How long did it take you to set up that beast?

Tyson: This question makes us giggle. We have not yet shared with our readers that we have made a bit of a transition with our Adventure Rig. The Rig is an ever evolving and growing concept. We will be doing a reveal on our website soon of our new Rig. At least one thing is for sure, we have input on many different types of rigs!

To get back to the question, the 41’ ATC Toy Hauler was a project. We were constantly upgrading it in one-way or another. After owning it for two years, we had made some significant additions to it, including the wrap, solar power, and a diesel-fired heater (more on that later!). Now on to the next project!

The RigCheck out all the details of the rig at

Orage: What are the best two places you’ve visited in the past year?

Tyson: This question is kind of unfair to all of our years past because in November, we took the trip of a lifetime that was hands down one of the most amazing adventures we have ever been on.

We rode motorcycles from San Francisco, California into the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Not only was it amazing to experience the views and cultures of Baja, but also supporting ourselves off of motorcycles was an exhilarating and rewarding feat! I rode my KTM 990 and Cally was on her KTM 640. On the second or third day of the trip, we were already daydreaming about where our next moto trip would be.

Orage: You guys spend a bunch of time on the road. Do you listen to any podcasts or audio books?

Tyson: We are definitely music people on the road. Last year, we started listening to Dirt Bag Diaries [Editor’s note, also an Orage favorite] and that was amazing! I’m not sure why we don’t do more of that. I have a friend that listens to murder mystery podcasts so that may have to be in the line up for our next trip.

Orage: What would you consider the most challenging part of living on the road?

Tyson: The most challenging part of living on the road is trying to fit everything that we own along with us on the road. Last year, we were in Idaho in March and we had snowmobiles and skis. The weather switched and it was perfect dirt biking weather, however we couldn’t fit the dirt bikes in the rig. This is a big reason for the switch of the rig so stay tuned to see how we can now fit it all if we need to. Cally also has challenges on the road with keeping her hair combed.

Orage: Talk to us about your dog.

Tyson: What we say about Hank is “better slow than never.” He’s such a lazy hound but we love him unconditionally. Life wouldn’t be the same without him. He provides us with so much entertainment and lots of cuddles! Cold nights in the camper are the best because Hank crawls under the covers with us. He’s 85 pounds but cuddles like he weighs about 10 pounds. He is definitely a fair weather dog and loves long naps in the sun. Skiing is not Hank’s favorite thing in the world, but he loves to watch from the car or camper. He’ll melt your heart with his sweet eyes, which is probably why he hardly ever gets in trouble. We adopted him from our local humane society and would encourage any one else to do the same! It is truly life changing.

Adventurerig's dog

Those eyes…

Orage: If you could go back to only one of the places you’ve ever skied, where would it be?

Tyson: In 2012, we packed up and took an amazing ski trip driving from Colorado to Alaska. There were so many incredible places we explored, but a highlight was definitely Kicking Horse in Golden, British Columbia. That was hands down one of the most fun resorts we’ve ever skied. As far as the backcountry goes, skiing the Alaska backcountry is incomparable to anything we’ve ever skied. That trip as a whole is one that we would love to do again in the next few seasons.

Orage: What are the most RV Friendly places you’ve visited?

Tyson: The ski resorts in Canada are extremely RV friendly! Here in Colorado, some resorts are very strict about parking overnight. Our standards of being RV Friendly were heightened when we were driving a 41’ toy hauler. Including the truck, our rig was about 65’ long. We didn’t fit in the most secluded, backcountry spots and sometimes had a hard time finding a place large enough for us to pull off for the night. We definitely had to have a different mindset when driving the rig, and found some nice cozy places to sleep between the truckers at truck stops.

Orage: Other than the rig, what is the most useful tool for long-term road trips?

Tyson: An open mind is most definitely an important tool to have along with you on road trip adventures. One experience in particular that solidified this response was when we had worked for days to get the rig ready to go on an adventure. 10 miles down the road, the check engine light came on in the pickup. We had no idea why the light came on, and didn’t want to head out on the road somewhere and break down in the middle of nowhere. We turned around and went back to our base camp at the time where we had tools stored in trailers. When dealing with basically anything that has a motor, one has to be prepared for anything to go wrong at any time. If you have an open mind, low expectations, and a passion for the outdoors no matter where you are, you will have positive experiences.

There is one more very important tool that we found to be absolutely imperative for winter camping. We installed a diesel-fired heater made by Planar Heaters and it would keep us so warm we would find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night sweating. If you’re going to be Rv’ing in the winter, this should be the first upgrade you think about making!

Orage: Any tips for someone who might want to follow in your footsteps?

Tyson: It’s so cliché but…. Do it! Right now. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it and very rewarding at the very best times. We’re not necessarily trying to inspire everyone to drop what they are doing, sell their house, and move into an RV. We hope that we are motivating people to get out and explore, whether it turns into a full-time adventure, a weekend adventure with the kids, or a short hike with your dog. No matter where you are, there’s an opportunity to explore.

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Orage: Where can people learn more about you?

You can find us on Facebook by searching for Adventure Rig, or on Instagram and Twitter with the handle @adventurerig. Our website is where we post gear reviews, trip reports, and how-to’s. Be sure to check us out on Instagram as we have a lot of amazing gear giveaways coming up!

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