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January 2016

The Canadian Ski Road Trip

Road trip

It’s really important to get out and explore new areas with your friends.

Text and photos by Elena Pressprich

In one of the last weeks of 2015, Jared, Dillon and I set our hearts out for Canada. We had previously purchased our Mountain Collective passes, so this road trip was going to consist of two days at Whistler, one day at Lake Louise and one at Sunshine Village. From Bend, Oregon, there was a lot of driving ahead of us.

The trip started out a little rough, in the way that the car we had planned on taking was not in an operable or safe condition. We opted to borrow my dad’s mini van. It’s an epic road trip car. But really. SO MUCH ROOM.

Day 1 of the Canadian Ski Road Trip

After nearly 600 miles of driving, we arrived in the Whistler area but noticed that things seemed quite off. We even noticed that as we rolled through Pemberton (around 7PM), that the gas station lights were out and everything was dark everywhere. I was getting concerned that I hadn’t let the hotel know that we were maybe going to need a later check in time. The hotel was not answering their phone. Dang it. This wasn’t looking good. As we sat outside the hotel in Mount Currie and debated about if the hotel was even in operation (only 2 snow covered cars were parked out front… the place looked deserted), we eventually saw a tiny sign on the upper story that said ”office” so we thought we’d give it a shot. Sure enough, an elderly gentleman answered the door with a lantern in hand explaining that he was expecting us and the power had gone out. We loaded all our gear into our room, cooked our dinner in the dark and went to bed immediately after. It was dumping snow and we knew we were in for a treat the next day. Whoop!


Shortly after our arrival across the Canada-US border, the sun had set. That meant we hadn’t seen what we were driving through. By studying the map and topography, we had a pretty good idea that we were in some big mountains. We were super excited to wake up and check it out. Not to our surprise, it was gorgeous! At least from what we could tell because it was just absolutely dumping fat flakes. Overnight, there was reported 18 cm of fresh waiting for us at Whistler.

After the 30 minute drive, walking to the base and getting our tickets, we were finally off on a lift. We had no idea where to go, but we knew down would likely be good, not matter the direction. A few runs later, we met a fellow in the lift line named Guy. After a brief talk and a ride up on the chair, he decided that he didn’t mind giving us a little tour around the mountain to all the “local” spots and secret stashes. Guy was amazing for taking us to all these little gems! He ended up skiing with us the whole entire day! Canadians are so friendly! Turns out Guy is a mechanic in Whistler, so if you’re ever in need and in the area, pay him a visit and tell him I sent ya!

Day 2 of the Canadian Ski Roadtrip

Day two at Whistler reported yet another dumping of snow, this time around 24 cm! Dang, we were getting lucky! Two days in a row of deep powder!? Having just been shown around the day before to some of the best spots to go, this day couldn’t have been any better. BUT IT GOT BETTER. We ran into Guy again! And AGAIN he showed us around and took us to even more new areas where the secret pow stashes were hidden! These two days were making me so insanely happy and made for some of the top days of skiing in my life. Lucky lucky us!


Day 3 of the Canadian Ski Road Trip

The 3rd day was traveling day from Whistler to Banff. The road went through big canyon spaces riddled with steep snowy peaks. Eye candy all day long. We even made it a priority to stop at a few spots once we reached Yoho National Park, although dark, I was able to snag a few of my favorite shots from the trip that evening.

Lake Banff

Day 4 of the Canadian ski Road trip

On day 4 we were pretty tired upon waking up at the Rundle Ridge Chalets just outside of Banff. It was about a whopping 0 degrees (F) and I wanted nothing more than to just cozy up to the heater and sit inside the cabin and sleep. It was a gorgeous day though and, sigh, I guess I had to go skiing. On day 4 we had decided to head over to Sunshine Village to ski for the day. Sunny sunny sunny but very chilly! I had about every layer I owned on and was still having a hard time staying warm. Sunshine village was backed by the beautiful mountains of the Canadian rockies and those classic Banff mountains. So happy to have a clear day to see it in all its glory.

Elena sunshine resrot

Day 5 of the Canadian Ski Roadtrip

We were set out to ski at Lake Louise before heading back home. Really too short of a trip! Lake Louise was like the previous day at Sunshine… super sunny, super cold. Another beautiful resort and place to ski, we really needed more time to explore! The backcountry at Lake Louise looks SO good and there is so much to choose from without ever getting too far from the resort, which is really cool! Only a few hours here and we were packing ourselves up and heading out. We knew we could make it to Coeur d’Alene for dinner and sleep. Still a long drive ahead of us though.

Oh! And I forgot to mention. The brakes. The rear right brake had been making a pretty severe grinding noise for a few days at this point and we were unsure what exactly was wrong. But we knew it wasn’t good. Gosh it was loud. We decided that while we were in the in Coeur d’Alene, we should have it looked at and to know if it was either something that needed to get replaced or if we could make it back to Bend and get it fixed there. Sure enough, the rear right caliper had become locked closed (likely on our day from Whistler to Banff) and completely blew through the pad and into the rotor. We ended up spending 4 hours on Christmas Eve morning at Les Schwab while they replaced the pads, both calipers and the rotors. Fun! But hey, the van was like new, and much safer to drive back in.


Another long drive later and we were home! So much driving on this trip but we also lucked out and got powder, some sunshine and tons of smiles! I highly recommend treating yourself to getting the Mountain Collective pass for at least one season and allow yourself these mini vacations. It’s really important to get out and explore new areas with your friends. Even if there are troubles along the way. In the end, you’ll get it all figured out and it makes for an extra memorable moment along the journey!

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How to dress with layers


When you are getting ready for a day on the hill, the layering system is the best option to stay warm, dry and comfortable. This system consists of three elements: the base layer, the intermediate layer and the outer layer. Read below to learn how to dress with layers.

The base layer

This layer is directly in contact with skin and wicks moisture from your body to keep you dry. It has to be well adjusted in order to be functional. The base layer may be composed of natural materials such as merino wool, or synthetic materials suck as lycra or polyester. At Orage, our base layers are made of 100% polyester, which is hydrophobic and great for moisture removal and heat retention. We also use body-maping technology, which identifies different areas of the body and allow us to adjust the thickness of the garment at strategic locations.

Base Layer

The intermediate layer

The second layer acts as principal insulation. It also transfers the moisture away to keep you dry. The down jackets are a good option and retain heat very well. Synthetic lining is equally effective and is easy to maintain. In our latest collection, Orage is using the Primaloft technology, a microfiber that stores body heat. Some layering pieces, like the Hybrid for Men and the Marlene for Women are using this high performance synthetic insulation. These very light and flexible jackets can easily be slipped into a backpack and allow you to adjust your layers depending on the temperature.


The outer layer

This layer protects you from the elements suck as water, snow and wind. You can opt for an insulated jacket or a shell, depending on the temperature and the intensity of the activity you are doing. The Orage jackets feature some design elements that bring extra protection, such as taped seams, ventilation hatches or a snow skirt. The comfort and freedom of movement are very important when choosing your outer layer.


Check the temperature before going out

Finally, before you get ready to go, it is important to know about conditions. You can then adjust the quantity and type of layers depending on temperature and the intensity of your activity.

Have fun !

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How to Wash Your Ski Jacket

How to wash your jacket

No matter if our jacket has seen an abundance of storms or if it’s fresh out of the store, we sometimes tend to forget the essential elements of how to take care of it. Here are 5 tips that will help restore greatness to your coat. Here’s how to wash your ski jacket.

Don’t be afraid to wash your jacket

People don’t want to wash their jacket because they think the process will damage it. But your coat is just another piece of clothing and it should be washed when it’s dirty. On average, you could wash your jacket about twice a season without ever being scared that you are prematurely affecting it’s life span. However, it is still better to wash it when it’s actually dirty. Juice, ketchup stains, or dirt on the wrists can be treated easily. Simply put some stain remover and throw it in the washing machine.

Read the labels

Although they can be well hidden, the labels are important to consider. Each jacket has its own specificities and should be treated in the manner it requires. Several symbols may appear incomprehensible on the label. If you’re not sure, do a quick Internet search under “washing machine symbols” and you will find what you’re looking for. For the lazy, follow this link:

Cold water

During the wash cycle, it’s important to wash your coat in cold water. Cold water is more effective (and it’s recognized as a source of energy savings). You can use the same detergent you would use for all your clothes. Be careful though – some models require the use of mild soaps to avoid damaging the fabric and membrane. Finally, do not put any fabric softener in the washer. Softener can damage the fabric and considerably decrease your coat’s water repelling abilities. Once the washing is over, there should be no visible traces of soap on the jacket. If there is, redo the rinse cycle

Opt for some fresh air

Your jacket will not want hot air during its drying. the best way to dry it is to turn it inside out, throw it in the dryer (with cool air) for thirty minutes and then turn it back again to let it dry completely. If you have some extra space and you’re not in a hurry you can also let it dry on a hanger.

Reproofing your Jacket

Through the many ski seasons, your coat might have lost some of its water repelling abilities. In that case, you can apply a water-repellent up to two times throughout the course of the season: at the beginning and at the end. Twice in one season is above average, but if your coat is old, you might need it. When adding water-repellent, your coat should be dry and clean. Dirt and soap can clog your jackets membrane. Always follow the instructions written on the product label of the water repellent.

Additional advice: carefully vaporize the seams, the shoulders and the hood. These spots are the most vulnerable to rain and snow deposits.

Note. Water-repellent and waterproofness are two different things. A technical ski jacket never looses its waterproofness, as it’s a membrane that has been sewed on to the jacket. What it can loose with time is its water-repellent, which, thankfully, can be replaced.

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Artist Interview: Mélodie Perrault



Mélodie Perreault is a Montreal artist with grit. Her artwork ranges from simple to complicated but it’s always full of character. The people in the office at Orage liked her worked so we called her up to help us design some of the visuals for our look book. The work she did helped us portray the personality of Nelson and Retallack in a way the pictures couldn’t. Curious, we reached out to learn a little more about her.

Orage: How would you describe your style to somebody who doesn’t know you?

Mélodie: I like fine lines and working with black.

Orage : Where does your artistic side come from? Was there a big influence coming from your entourage?

Mélodie: My grandmother is a painter and my mother always encouraged me to push my artistic side.

Orage: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Mélodie: Everything that surrounds and amuses me. I am an eternal child so I like to have fun with my illustrations.


Orage: Which artist inspires you the most?

Mélodie: I don’t have a favorite artist. I like everything! I particularly find inspiration in old illustration books.

Orage: What usually happens during your creative process?

Mélodie: I always write my ideas in my note pad and on my phone. Sometimes it’s only words. Then I settle down to work and inspiration comes naturally.

Orage : Your bike helmets are unique and pretty interesting. Why did you choose these objects as a canvas?

Mélodie: My boyfriend is an avid motorcycle rider and he made me fall in love with that world. I’ll have my own motorcycle next summer!

Moto Helmt

Orage: Which artwork are you most proud of and why?

Mélodie: It’s too hard to choose one! If my creation amuses someone I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Orage: Describe your latest tattoo.

Mélodie: I got my palm tattooed a few days ago and it hurt so much. I also tattooed somebody a rose with the faces of two women hidden in it.


Orage: If our readers want to learn some more about you, where can they find info? (web site, Instagram, etc.)

Mélodie: It’s easy @melodieperrault @tattooloungemtl


You can view the Orage look book right here:

For Immediate Release: Orage announces its new team

The new team together for the first time in Montreal, Québec


Montreal, January 13th — Orage, skiing’s original lifestyle brand, is ecstatic to announce the multi-year signing of skiers Callum Pettit, Rory Bushfield and Elyse Saugstad to its professional team.

The strengths and talents this trio of skiers brings to the Orage family creates a well- rounded program of progression, personality and passion throughout the roster.

Orage is looking to new faces within skiing’s community to influence the next generation of athletes and drive its dedication to creating outerwear collections that appeal to all of skiing’s communities — from park and pipe to big mountain and backcountry. Bringing Pettit, Bushfield and Saugstad into the fold demonstrates Orage’s commitment to skiing’s evolution.

“Callum, Rory and Elyse all bring good energy to the Orage athlete team, and their enthusiastic and inspirational approach to skiing aligns with Orage’s vision,” says Eric D’Anjou. “We are thrilled to continue our athlete commitment by welcoming all three to the family.”

Pettit, Bushfield and Saugstad will be cast on to the front lines of the Orage brand vision over the coming winter as the company gets set to unleash its 2016-17 campaign, Faces and Places. They are integral to the company’s product development, and will test, refine and validate Orage products in the harshest and most remote locations on the globe.

Callum Pettit is no stranger to the Canadian skiing scene and is respected for cutting down some of the most impressive lines in the backcountry. He’s had standout appearances in high-profile productions including Sherpas Cinemas’ Into the Mind, for which Pettit claimed two Powder Video Awards in recognition of his skiing prowess. He’s backing the Super Proof video project, and will be filming for Red Bull TV this coming winter.

“Orage outerwear is the right blend of style and function,” Pettit says. “I’m excited to be part of an original Canadian brand that’s purely focused on skiing.”

From his days on Canada’s World Cup team to his mind-blowing antics with Nitro Circus, Rory “Bushy” Bushfield is one of the most well-rounded skiers. He charges to the beat of his own drum, which has landed him in countless ski films and on contest podiums over the years. He’s stacked a lot of vertical in the backcountry and his gung-ho approach to life is summed up in his mantra #blowitifyougotit.

“I’ve always admired Orage, and I’m super excited to be with such a high-quality apparel brand,” Bushfield says. “The people wearing the outerwear are always warm and dry, and now I get to be warm and dry, too.”

Elyse Saugstad grew up in the wild mountains of Alaska, which explains why she’s one of the most distinguished big mountain freeskiers on the planet. Throughout her career, she’s really done it all — claimed the World Freeride Tour, won several Powder and IF3 awards and was named one of the top 50 women in action sports by ESPN.

“I’m very passionate about skiing and sharing my love for the sport with others, so to align with Orage makes perfect sense as they are passionate about making the best outerwear for skiers,” Saugstad says. “It’s a real treat to work with a brand that cares so much about being a positive influence for women.”

Elyse, Rory and Callum will be joining Orage veterans Banks Gilberti and Andrew Whiteford to form one of our most diverse and exciting teams ever.

[Editor’s note: we are so stoked!]

Elena Pressprich and how to stay outside

Elena Pressprich mountain top

I am a firm believer that no day should ever be wasted doing something that you are not passionately in love with.

*All pictures from Elena Pressprich

Elena Pressprich is one of Orage’s dreamiest ambassador. She’s passionate, driven and she’s willing to put the necessary work to live a life that most only dream of. As our interest of her lifestyle grew, we reach out to learn more. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

Orage: Hello. First things first. Where is home?

Elena: Bend, Oregon

Orage: Am I finding you at home right now?

Elena: Yep! I really enjoy traveling, but often times, I find home to be so sweet and I really love where I live.

Orage: What is your dog’s name?

Elena: Rio! He is a chocolate lab that I rescued from the pound as a puppy 5 years ago! He’s the best!

Elena's dog


Orage: What is your main occupation in life right now? Based on your Instagram feed you’re winning when it comes to living.

Elena: Currently, I am a radiology technologist student with only three more months until I graduate! It’s a very heavy schedule, so I pack my weekends in full and get as much me-time in which always includes activities outside. I first majored in photography, so while I’m out, I love getting great shots along the way.

Orage: What was your favorite ski trip ever?

Elena: I think I am about to have it! This season, I have two big trips planned. It includes road tripping to about a dozen resorts or so around the inter-mountain west and Canada.

Orage: What ski gear are you riding this year (skis, clothing and accessories)

Elena: Skis: Surface Skis. Facemasks: Blackstrap. Outerwear: Orage.

Elena Orage

Orage: You seem to be pretty good at taking pictures. What gear are you currently using?

Elena: I have just switched over to a Sony system. I’m really excited about it and I’m looking forward to learning a  lot more. This camera is amazing and it can do so much more than my last. I also rely on my GoPro Hero 4 when skiing for its size, waterproof ability and photographic qualities.

Orage: What other sports do you practice?

Elena: I enjoy lots of other sports and activities when I’m not skiing, and I’m game to try anything new. Biking (road and mountain),  running, paddleboarding, hiking are among some of my more common and favorite things to do in the summer months.

Orage: Do you have any non-sport related hobbies?

Elena: Photography would be my number one “hobby”! I just started exploring the world of night shooting and I’m looking forward to getting more practice with that.

Mountain 2

Orage: What’s your favorite song this past month?

Elena: Honestly, that Adele song, Hello, is killer. Yep. I love it.

Orage: Is there anyone that inspires you or that has had a significant impact on your life?

Sarah Burke. She was my biggest inspiration while growing up and still is to this day. She paved the way for so many women in the sport and changed the game. I will forever be grateful for the things she has done.

Orage: If you could return to only one of the destinations you’ve gone to in your life, where would it be?

Elena: NEW ZEALAND! I had the opportunity to travel there for a really short period of time recently and got to see just a small area of it, but I know there is so much more out there to see than the little bit that I saw. I would love to go back there and spend a good, solid month exploring around. I’ve also traveled to Switzerland and would be very happy to return there for some travels. It was a beautiful country and I want to see it again!

Orage: Do you have tips for people who would like to live a similar lifestyle?

Elena: I get this question a lot actually. My response is always the same: Do you? There’s no point in trying to mimic someone else to get to where you think you want to be. Figure out what you really want in life and start to go after it. I am a dream chaser and will always be chasing a new dream or goal. You should never stop setting goals or dreams and going after them. When you start to do something you love, it shows in your work and good things will come to you. I am a firm believer that no day should ever be wasted doing something that you are not passionately in love with. Life is too short to not spend it in love with every moment. Just remember too, everyday is a new start and you can begin something completely new tomorrow, you have a clean slate every single day.

Orage: Thank you for your time. Where can people learn more about you?

Elena: Instagram: @findmeoutside


Elena’s wears:

Jasmine Jacket

Sue Shell Jacket

Clara Shell Pant

Marlene Vest

Women’s Link Jacket

Hallway Profiles : Elyse Saugstad

Elyse Saugstad

Skiing is more than a sport, it’s a way to connect with nature, friends, and seek out new adventures.

Elyse is one of the standout female rippers of the skiing world. Born in Alaska, Elyse has been in love with speed since just about forever. At 16, she was already one of the best downhill racers of her country. After graduation, Elyse once again turned to the mountains for adventure. She quickly became a professional freeride skier and in the past five years she’s earned more awards that most people win throughout their whole career. As if that wasn’t enough, Elyse, along with Jackie Paaso, Lel Tone, Michelle Parker, Ingrid Backstrom, and Sherry McConkey, also founded SAFE AS. SAFE AS is an avalanche safety program for women with hopes to “heighten the community snow safety and avalanche awareness.” We’re immensely lucky to have Elyse join the family at Orage.

While Elyse was at the office, I intercepted her in the hallway for a few questions.

Why did you decide to partner up with Orage?

I believe Orage has an unparalleled blend of being stylish and technical, so I truly look forward to wearing their clothing while being out in the harsh elements of the outdoors. I spend long hours skiing in the backcountry and I don’t feel like I should have to compromise looking good in my ski gear just because I need technical clothing. Hence why I couldn’t be more excited to become a team member of Orage.

I am very passionate about skiing and sharing my love for the sport with others, so to align with Orage makes perfect sense as they are a brand who is passionate about making the best outerwear for skiers. It’s a real treat as a female athlete to work with a brand that cares so much about being a positive influence for women in the male dominated ski world.

From product testing and development, to connecting with the ski community and beyond, being an athlete ambassador for Orage is more than getting rad shots in front of the camera. Skiing is more than a sport we do, it’s a way to connect with nature, friends, and seek out new adventures. With the help of Orage I look forward to continuing as a positive influence to women and men of all ages to get outside and play.

SAFE AS 2015.24

Things I’m up to:

I will be kicking off the winter with the 4th annual SAFE AS women’s avalanche and snow safety clinics that I co-founded with other pro-female skiers with 2 stops at Squaw Valley, CA and Copper Mountain, CO.

I will be in search of powder throughout the winter with my sights set on spending time in BC, Alaska, and Tahoe.

Along with my ski partner in crime, Cody Townsend, we hope to capitalize on the success of the movie we made last winter, Conquering the Useless, and are in the initial stages of putting together a new project of some sort.



Watch Elyse in the latest Episode of The Line. Skip to 13.34 if you want to see how tough Elyse is.

Watch Elyse Talk at Tedx