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Country - Canada
Mountain - Stoneham, QC
Hometown - Quebec City
Who or what influences you?
Some of my skiing influences throughout my life are: My Brother; When I was trying to keep up to him and his friends at the ski hill. Glen Plake: Who was my skiing idol growing up. Greg Stump: With his movies. Terry Cook: With his huge flips off of cliffs. Brad Holms: With the tricks he was doing way back then and the way he ripped in the bumps. Greg Tuffelmiere: Because he did the first mute 360 I ever saw. Sergei Shupletsov: Bumps. Edgar Grospiron; Bumps. Jean-Luc Brassard: Bumps. JF Cusson: I spent so much time skiing with him that his skiing inevitably had an effect on mine. I mostly admired his creativity. Vincent Dorion: I mostly admired the way he spun. Julien Regnier Lafforgue: I mostly admire his creativity and style. Seth Morisson: One of the best turns in the business! The way he reads terrain and the way he skis it, his attitude, professionalism… Jeremy Jones (the big mountain one): With the way that he pushes himself and what can be done out there. I love his approach to big mountain riding in general. Anthony Boronowski: With his intensity and drive. Kye Peterson; Pretty much the same reason as Ant. And the way he can read terrain, his mountain sense is amazing. Erik Hjorliefson: Amazing turn, amazing style, well rounded! B&E: They are awesome, I love how they have their own path and don’t follow the cookie cutter approach to comps nowadays. Skateboarding in general: I was really into skateboarding when I was younger and it definitely had an effect on my park and urban skiing (rail slides, grabs, transitions, drops…). Snowboarding: I was snowboarding from 89 to 94 and I was looking up to guys like Greg Kelly, Burt Lamar, and later on, guys like Peter Line Damien Sanders was actually my inspiration for the Back Flip Mute.. Surfing: I only started surfing in 1999 but it still had an influence on my skiing. I like how surfers keep trying to find new lines on waves, new turns, new board shapes etc.. and I love how dynamic, powerful yet seamless surfing is. Watching big wave surfing also motivated me to charge harder when I ski in the big mountain arena.
Favorite athletes?
See previous answer.
Worst crash?
Don’t remember, must have been a concussion.
Summertime pass time?
Surfing, Climbing, Mountainbiking, Paragliding, Skateboarding.
What you love about skiing?
The great spaces, the mountain experience, the travel/mobility aspect, moving through mountain terrain, the speed and flight aspects, the feeling of freedom, immersion and abandonment.
A historic moment in ski history?
The men who skied Everest!
Trick that is a pain in your ass?
Front flip
Thanks To?
My family and friends.
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