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The Orage Masters is Back – “And the backcountry may never be the same again.”


We’ve decided to step away from cozy resort boundaries for this years Orage Masters 9, aka the Rumble at Retallack and we’re ready to rock the backcountry of British Columbia like never before.  On top of our big move to the big hills of Retallack Lodge we’re putting the event into the hands of the fans. Throughout the coming weeks we’ll turn to you to help choose the athletes who will compete, the different events they’ll compete in and you’ll even decide the winners of some of the events.  VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETES NOW After 8 years of Masters slope …

Retallack Team Trip 2013 “More of the Same”


More of the Same at Retallack is another way of saying – Epic!

Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 4 – Lemon Drops

Lemon Drops

Our annual Freeride Fun Run Friday turned into old school meets newschool booter session. Epic.

Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 3 – It’s Frikin’ Deep Man

frikin deep

“And now, for today’s weather update… It’s Frikin’ Deep Man.”

Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 2 – Happy Trails

hapy trails

Endless pow + Karl’s starship enterprise + shred buddies = Good Times and Happy Trails

Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 1 – This Place Is A Gem


You can ski the world over, you’ll always come back to Retallack.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 4 – Another Day at the Beach

swiss beach

Any day in a sunny swiss park is a good day. Add one part JP and one part B Dog and you’ve got an even “gooder” day.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 3 – A Coop-erative Effort

co op

B Dog, JP Auclair and Jeremy Prevost on an urban mission together… random is one word to describe it.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 2 – In Bound Freshies Abound

in bound freshies

We landed just before another storm hit… and it was already one of Switzerland’s snowiest seasons on record.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 1 – Skiing Is Only A Part of It

only a part of it

Sometimes the best part of skiing is what happens when you don’t even have your skis on.