Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 4 – Lemon Drops

It’s inevitable that a trip to Retallack Lodge, B.C. will be filled with good times, deep pow and laughs, but from time to time something happens out there that brings you back to the roots of why you fell in love with skiing in the first place.

Thanks to Karl and one big ass blade, we pushed up a booter perched in front of a nice landing zone and had ad it. It was our last day of the trip, our annual “Freeride Fun Run Friday” where cameras have been officially banned turned into a day of classic memories, doubles, triples and even a few shots from an old school dude.

JP taught lessons on stomping like a boss, Charley moonwalked triple daffys 80′s style, Banks gave a clinic on the importance of having a well rounded bag, Tatum stomped her first ever double back and a dude with two first names hit his first back country booter in close to a decade.

All while Karl and crew kicked back top side on the roof and soaked it all in.

Enjoy the CLIP.

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