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Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 4 – Lemon Drops

Lemon Drops

Our annual Freeride Fun Run Friday turned into old school meets newschool booter session. Epic.

Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 3 – It’s Frikin’ Deep Man

frikin deep

“And now, for today’s weather update… It’s Frikin’ Deep Man.”

Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 2 – Happy Trails

hapy trails

Endless pow + Karl’s starship enterprise + shred buddies = Good Times and Happy Trails

Orage Retallack Trip 2013 Part 1 – This Place Is A Gem


You can ski the world over, you’ll always come back to Retallack.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 4 – Another Day at the Beach

swiss beach

Any day in a sunny swiss park is a good day. Add one part JP and one part B Dog and you’ve got an even “gooder” day.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 3 – A Coop-erative Effort

co op

B Dog, JP Auclair and Jeremy Prevost on an urban mission together… random is one word to describe it.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 2 – In Bound Freshies Abound

in bound freshies

We landed just before another storm hit… and it was already one of Switzerland’s snowiest seasons on record.

Orage Swiss Vacation Part 1 – Skiing Is Only A Part of It

only a part of it

Sometimes the best part of skiing is what happens when you don’t even have your skis on.

Keystone Team Shoot Part 4 – Throw Down With The Sun Down

Lights out

When the lights go off, the stars come out. Cheesy but true.

Keystone Team Shoot Part 3 – 20 Some in 120 some

20 some

B Dog, Financials, McRaelian and C Lo get after it… Synchronized!