Phil Casabon Season Recap Edit

When he isn’t globetrotting and spreading the gospel of Steeze, you can catch Phil Casabon hanging out at the Orage global HQ giving his input on his B-Dog pro model jacket, checking out photos for ads, or just kickin’ it with the crew. When we saw all of the banger b-footage that Phil logged in 2010, we figured we had to drop an edit of our own. No stranger to the editing studio, Phil was stoked to step in and help pick out his favorite shots from 2010 including a few that you won’t see anywhere else.

Casabon checks the shot

Phil Casabon // p: Felix Rioux

We also got the chance to sit down with Phil and catch up on his past few months of traveling and filming. His latest footage can be found in the B&E Show – Muddy Winter which has recently topped the 100,000 views milestone (in just a little over a month since its’ release). It’s safe to say that Phil has come out swinging for the 2010-11 season. Guaranteed, you’ll be seeing more next-level riding from Phil once the lifts start turning and the snow piles up…

Orage: You skied in three summer camp hot spots on three different continents. What’s different about the summer ski scene in France, Oregon, and New Zealand?

B-Dog: The difference between the Les 2 Alpes camp and Hood’s was that Les 2 Alpes was only Danish people so everyone of them was familiar with each other and all, as opposed in Hood where it is just a lot of campers from a bunch of different places which is ill also, and as far as coaches vibe, both were mad fun. Windell’s had my favorite park… So much terrain and so fun. I spent most of the summer skiing with JF Houle, B-Paul, Ham Godbout, E’dollo, Pat Batskins, Taylor Seaton, Liam Downey, Mike Hornbeck, the Armada crew and my Girlfriend. Best after-camp scene was definitely Windells cause of the Ark gillin’ and the skatepark at Windells.

Phil Casabon 540 Wallride

Phil taking this wallride to 540 // p. Felix Rioux

Orage: As always, you got a bulk of the filming done with your partner in crime E’dollo. Who else were you able to film with this summer?

B-Dog: Brandon Husak whom made an ArCast with it and Troels Iversen… all those shots also ended up in the B&E thanks to them!

Orage: Was there one single session that stood out as the best of the summer?

B-Dog: There was a lot of good ones… Most intense was probably on Sammy’s jump which was mad fun and just all summer was so fun.

Orage: What would you guys do in your down time when you weren’t up on the mountain filming?

B-Dog: Juggle, listen to music, skate, meditate..

Phil Casabon Tail Press

Tail Press in Quebec // p. Felix Rioux

Orage: How did you guys get hooked up with Inspired Media? Any plans for future edits with Tanner?

B-Dog: This summer when D-structure was hosting a water ramp camp and Iberg and Tanner where there and told me about it and it was the most ill concept I’ve heard o’ve.. Stoked to be a part of it! Yea for sure B&E has big plans at the moment and we are stoked to discuss and see what we are going to make happen with Inspired!

In the meantime, you can see more of B-Dog in Eye Trip by Level 1 Productions, available now on iTunes and at a ski shop near you!

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